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KMLFC Open Gym

Open gym 2/14/20

Open gym 12/14/20

Open gym 1/4/21

KMLFC Open Gym Times

We will have opportunities for open gyms in January and February based on coaches availability.  Check your sports engine app and email to keep up to date on when open gyms will be occurring.  Open gyms are open to any player in the club.  You must bring your equipment : glove, bat, batting helmet, etc. 


Please see the Parent Portal on the KMLFC website for the KM School districts 2020 F2F Guidelines for Parents and Waiver Form  (  

- A signed waiver will need to accompany your player to their first open gym/pitching instruction.  We will be keeping attendance at each session for potential contract tracing situations.  
- If your player or any of your family members are showing any signs of COVID 19, PLEASE STAY HOME!!  
- If your player has been placed in Quarantine due to contact with someone with COVID, or has been placed in Isolation,  DO NOT ATTEND UNTIL CLEARED..  If we have been informed your player has been Quarantined and they show up, we will IMMEDIATELY ask them to leave and contact you to pick them up.  
- Masks must be worn by All and All times unless the KM School District has approved and exception.  Confirmation of that will need to be provided.  We will also be practicing social distancing when possible.
- Please drop your players off outside the building close to the start time and pick them up at the end time. 

Players may not congregate in the hallways before or after the open gym and parents are not allowed inside unless they are helping in the cage, catching for a pitcher (when requested) or a coach.  The school district is limiting the number of people that are entering the buildings.
- Player should bring their own water bottles.  There are bottle refilling stations if needed.
- Hand Sanitizer is provided at the High School.

If you are not personally comfortable having your player attend, please don't.  These are not mandatory practices and we would rather you feel comfortable with your families potential exposure.  We are taking the recommended precautions to allow our players these opportunities and keep they and their families healthy.